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2014 Calendar



The club is now pleased to annouce that the 2014 is ready to order  

if you would like a copy then please fill in the slip below to order 

          it makes an Ideal Gift For Christmas


*        13 Full Colour Pages

*        13 Beautiful Japanese Chin Photographs

*        Championship Show Dates Highlighted

*        All Japanese Chin Club Events Listed


 tn_jap_chin_calendar_2014_2.jpg  tn_jap_chin_calendar_2014_3.jpg  
 tn_jap_chin_calendar_2014_8.jpg  tn_jap_chin_calendar_2014_9.jpg  tn_jap_chin_calendar_2014_10.jpg  tn_jap_chin_calendar_2014_11.jpg  tn_jap_chin_calendar_2014_12.jpg  tn_jap_chin_calendar_2014_13.jpg

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